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What makes Truly Wooly socks and mittens to be the best for wearing in cold-humid weather? Here are some insides:
Everyone knows the advantages of wool fibers compare to cotton or synthetic materials:

  • Absorption of moisture (up to 30% of it dry weight)
  • Keeps warm in cold weather and vice versa due to its perfect isolation effect 
  • Anti-bacterial and smell resistant properties, wear longer without washing
  • Wool dries much more quicker than cotton which is hard to underestimate for outdoor activities, like hiking and doing sports

However how to assure that your socks are made from the real wool, but not the cheap synthetic substitution?

Every knitwear starts from yarn. And yarn’s quality depends on what kind of material was chosen by producer. Truly Wooly not only produces the final knitwear, but keeps the whole complicated process of yarn production “in house”. For our socks and mittens we choose the finest wool from the sheeps, raised in ecological, pure natured region of Altai Mountains in Siberia. That guarantees the softness, natural color’s shades and itchiness-free of our products!

Truly Wooly also dedicated to the authentic design. We aim to promote the culture of native nordic people. So the design of our products is inspired by various ethnic patterns.